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Currently, our list of partners consists mainly of institutions involved in projects for the visually impaired. ITAC is lobbying with the private sector and government to help support our mission of integrating Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs) into the job market. If you are interested in working with us, contact us. We are willing to work with individuals, institutions of learning, companies, non-profit organizations and donors.

Kenya WSIS

By working at the policy level, ITAC will ensure that future government IT policy will cater for the needs of the society we serve. The Kenya Civil Society WSIS is a group of civil society organizations working together to help shape government policy [more]


The Society of Professionals with Visual Disability is an umbrella body for visually impaired professionals. SOPVID key roles is to provide a forum for visually impaired professionals to network as well as provide mentoring to younger visually impaired persons.

Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific is the world leader in visually impaired technology and innovation. In addition to their flagship product JAWS screen reading software, Freedom Scientific is also a producer of notetakers, braille embossers as well as other innovative technologies for the visually impaired [More]