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Who are we?

ITAC Consulting is a private company incorporated in Kenya. ITAC was founded by Mr. James Gichuhi, and Alfred Kibe. James is himself blind.

From the beginning, ITAC has concentrated on the supply and provision of adaptive technologies for visually impaired persons. Introduction of adaptive technologies has enabled numerous visual impaired persons to fulfill their responsibilities in society.

The primary objective of ITAC is to assist visually and otherwise impaired members of society in the acquisition of adaptive and assistive technologies that give them access to information that would otherwise be out of their reach. This is achieved mainly by working with donors, private corporations and non profit organizations to finance the supply of these technologies.

Access technologies are expensive due to the high research and development expenses incurred in producing the innovative products. However, many disabled persons especially in developing countries do not have sufficient resources to purchase these products. This is where ITAC comes in: we help visually impaired people obtaing technologies that allow them to perform professionally at par with fully sighted individuals.

By playing this vital and extremely rewarding role in society, ITAC has grown to be the primary source of adaptive technologies in our region of operation. We are always looking for partners to assist us in our quest to reach more individuals and institutions.


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