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The Need

Many sighted individuals take the use of computers for granted. With new "select and click" interfaces being developed for most modern applications, it becomes increasingly difficult for the visually impaired to use the computers. One major access technology that has been developed to help address the emerging divide between the sighted and the visually impaired is the screen read and synthesizing technologies. With these in place visually impaired people can use the computer to access all sorts of information including the Internet by using standard keyboard shortcuts, .

Africa has the highest incidence of preventable blindness. It is estimated that 1% of all Africans suffer from one form of visual impairment or the other. Many governments and not-for-profit organizations in the region are working to reduce the occurrence of preventable blindness. However, there exists many who have already suffered irreversible blindness. Many of these people had previously active and successful professional lives buy are now confined to their homes as dependents of their families. Society has a lot to gain if we restore the contribution of these people. It is these together with aspiring professionals, whether born blind or not, who ITAC strives to serve.

We at ITAC Consulting are working with our partners to help integrate the visually impaired into society.